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Five Acts-Round 4!!!!!

+ Post a list of your five favorite acts/kinks to read about. Check out this list if you need some inspiration. At the bottom of your post, add what fandoms/pairings you're interested in.
+ Read other people's lists; the master list of lists is here.
+ Post comment-fic based off of other people's interests.

My acts:
1. Schmoop: domesticity, family, meeting the family, happily ever after
2. Near-death experiences: danger, confessions in stressful situations, reunions after mistakenly thinking a loved one has come to harm, caring for someone after they've been injured (no actual death,  please)
3. Protectiveness/possessiveness: saving them from danger/bad people, keeping the badness away, "mine mine mine" (marking totally acceptable, as are tattoos) (especially when faced with a significant other's ex, friends, etc), almost died but didn't
4. Touching-stroking, caressing, cuddling, nuzzling, foreheads touching, hugging, holding hands in public, snuggling wounded character in hospital bed, close dancing, footsie
5. Witnesses-family/friends realize two characters love each other before they admit it and act as matchmakers, witness coming out, child/children of one character working to get their parent together with the other character, there as support to urge reconciliation

Hawaii Five-0 (2010): Steve/Danny (also love Daddy!Danno, Steve-Steve, and Grace stories)
Harper's Island: Abby/Jimmy
Supernatural: Dean/Castiel
Lost: Jack/Kate, Jack/Sawyer, Jack/Boone, Sawyer/Juliet, Sun/Jin, Charlie/Claire, Miles/Sawyer, Miles/Richard, Kevin/Sawyer, Scott/Steve, Shannon/Boone, Kate/Juliet, Kate/Claire
Glee: Rachel/Finn, Rachel/Quinn, Puck/Quinn, Puck/Santana, Santana/Brittney, Artie/Tina, Artie/Brittney, Tina/Mike, Will/Emma, Puck/Sam, Kurt/Blaine, Puck/Lauren
Alias: Sydney/Vaughn
Grey's Anatomy: Callie/Arizona, Callie/Erica, Derek/Mark, Derek/Meredith, Lexie/Mark, Alex/Izzie, April/Avery, April/Lexie, Christina/Owen, Christina/Burke, Alex/Avery
Bones: Booth/Brennan, Angela/Hodgins, Sweets/Daisy
Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman: Lois/Clark
The Hunger Games: Katniss/Peeta
Dirty Dancing: Baby/Johnny
Tangled: Eugene/Rapunzel
Shutter Island: Teddy/Chuck
Leverage: Elliot/Hardison
Fastlane: Van/Deaq
Veronica Mars: Veronica/Leo, Veronica/Duncan
General Hospital: Lucky/Sam, Lucky/Patrick, Lucky/Johnny, Maxie/Cooper, Maxie/Johnny, Maxie/Matt
One Life to Live: Kyle/Fish
As the World Turns: Luke/Noah
Eureka: Jack/Allison, Jo/Zane
Sherlock: Sherlock/John
My OCs: Matt/Jack, Aurora/Sam
NCIS: LA: Callen/Sam

Stories by me:
For airspaniel , Hawaii 5-0, Steve/Danny, Ink, Intoxication: airspaniel.livejournal.com/671526.html
For toestastegood , Lost, Kevin/Sawyer, Attraction, Reunions, fic-flail.livejournal.com/155459.html
For aboutbunnies , Lost, Aaron/Clementine, post-apocalyptic, second chances/reunions, aboutbunnies.livejournal.com/42499.html
For aurilly , Lost, Miles/Shannon, Getting Drunk, Shower, aurilly.livejournal.com/178273.html
For hitlikehammers , Hawaii 5-0, Steve/Danny, Near-Death Experience, hitlikehammers.livejournal.com/144617.html

Stories for me:
By toestastegood , Sherlock, Sherlock/John, Possessiveness, Touching: ciaimpala.livejournal.com/90553.html
By janie_tangerine , Supernatural, Dean/Castiel, Protectiveness, Touching, Schmoop, Near Death Experience, ciaimpala.livejournal.com/90553.html
By airspaniel , Shutter Island, Teddy/Chuck, touching, protectiveness, ciaimpala.livejournal.com/90553.html
By emerald_embers , Glee, Puck/Lauren, touching: ciaimpala.livejournal.com/90553.html

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I See You Quiver With - touching, Glee, Puck/Lauren, PG-13

Despite his occasionally making protests to the contrary, Puck's relationship with Lauren did not consist entirely of personal abuse and blue balls. Yes, she did seem to take a sadistic pleasure in constantly belittling him, and yes, he had yet to be introduced to her vagina, but Lauren's restrictions weren't slowly turning him into a monk.

One of the weird perks of being with Lauren was learning the fun of jacking off again; all the other girls he'd been with, he'd usually ended up in bed with them quickly, and while that had been awesome it did also mean he'd grown used to getting sex when he wanted it. Being frustrated had a certain appeal, because it meant he was seriously anticipating the moment Lauren chose to let him see her naked, and moreover, it meant he'd been able to actually fantasise about said moment instead of just getting straight to it.

He'd started noticing and appreciating the little things; how plump her lips were when he got to kiss them, how soft she felt when he got to hug her. Officially, he wasn't supposed to turn up to wrestling practise, but he'd taken to sneaking a peek whenever he could, and watching her tackle another guy and nearly break him in two was both terrifying and better than porn.

He couldn't work out what was going on inside her head half the time, but sometimes she would stop making him work for everything she gave him, and just kiss him on the cheek or run her fingers through his hair before cuffing him across the back of the head. Those moments were his favourites; the rest of the time it felt like passing a test - fun, but kind of scary. The moments where she just acted were more like a gift; he usually didn't know what he'd done to earn them, but he liked them all the same.

While watching Die Hard - and how a girl liked both Die Hard and Twilight he didn't know, but he wasn't about to ask - Puck found her stretching out and resting her head in his lap, taking one of his hands between hers and playing with his fingers, and he came to a sudden realisation.

He had a girl's head pressed against his crotch, and he wasn't hard. And he didn't want to be.

Even though he wanted to bone that girl senseless.

"You know you're gorgeous, right?" He asked, before getting a sharp smack on the back of the hand.

"Shh! Alan Rickman's talking," Lauren snapped. She didn't let go of his hand, though.

Yeah, Lauren Zizes had him by the balls. Didn't mean he had to hate it.

Re: I See You Quiver With - touching, Glee, Puck/Lauren, PG-13

I LOVE this. The insight into Puck is so great, and you captured their relationship so perfectly.

Re: I See You Quiver With - touching, Glee, Puck/Lauren, PG-13

Thank you so much :D. I tend to watch Glee a little bit on/off, but I pretty much always keep up to date on these two and Kurt/Blaine to see what's going on. I'm glad you enjoyed this!

(Deleted comment)

Re: I See You Quiver With - touching, Glee, Puck/Lauren, PG-13

Thank you! :), I have a real soft spot for this pairing in how both of them are badasses with a soft spot for the other (and how the girl is the badder of the two!), so I'm happy you liked how I wrote them :).

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